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Little Cloud

Little Cloud

The celestial bodies are all over the Best School Games' sky.

Complete the challenges to see stars on your screen.

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Level of Education: Elementary School

Age: 03 to 07 years old

Subjects: Mathematics

Theme Logical thinking

Logical thinking is the process that allows us to get to conclusions about something based on logical inferences that can be on images, smells, sounds, sequences, and so on.

Did you know that games are a great way to stimulate logical thinking? Besides being fun to play, the games are also an opportunity to develop the ability to solve problems, find solutions, and create new capabilities.

Pedagogical goals

  • To solve math problems that involve logical thinking;
  • To develop logical thinking;
  • To stimulate the interest in mathematics using playful and fun activities; To offer the game as a didactic resource to explore the content discussed in the classroom;
  • To work and develop interactive and collaborative attitudes, also letting students share their experiences;
  • To develop motor skills by using the mouse.
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