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Wild babies

Wild babies

Do you know how a baby gorilla is when they are born?

In the Wild Babies game, you will learn many curiosities about a bunch of baby animals. You can also assemble puzzles with them. Let’s play!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School - Preschool

Subject: Mathematics - Science

Age: 05 a 07 years old

Puzzles provide children with the opportunity to practice the trial-and-error method to find a solution. Manipulating the pieces and figuring out where they fit and where they don't fit introduces your child to the first math skills they will need need to succeed later. Also, puzzles are perfect for teaching children to persevere in the face of a challenge. Puzzles are the only “games” that cannot be completed or won through cheating. You can't force the pieces together if they don't belong and there's no way to fool your opponent so to speak. The only way to finish is to exercise patience while staying focused on the bigger picture.

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