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Crazy Zoo

Crazy Zoo

Do you like the zoo?

Meet the Crazy zoo animals: the giraffe, the bear, the elephant, and the deer. They are really fun! You will also count them, practicing your math skills when you visit them.

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Preschool

Subject: Mathematics

Theme: Numbers and operations

Age: 04 to 05 years old

Using games to teach mathematics in early childhood education is a strategy that sharpens curiosity and logical reasoning, besides encouraging them to understand its importance in daily life. The games, when worked in couples, enable cooperation between students. Therefore, at times provide activities in pairs or groups. Ask students to take turns using the computer and collaborate to choose the correct answer.

After the game, tell students to write the numbers that they chose. Then, they should make a drawing to represent each number. Below are some suggestions for developing other activities complementary to the game.

Teacher's support sheet