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Multiplication Table Master

Multiplication Table Master

Learning the four operations with the Math Master will be awesome!

Come and practice your abilities in this fun game! Select the numbers and the operations you want to train and fly with the owl, diverting from enemies and solving the equations. Shall we start?

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Subject: Math

Age: 06 to 10 years

There are countless situations in everyday life that require quick calculations. The memorization of the tables is one of the methods that allows the resolution of the four operations. However, this memorization is often carried out at school through oral and written repetitions in the notebook. This method often makes children sad and discouraged. Before presenting the multiplication tables to children with the intention of memorizing them, it is necessary to work on their construction process, so that they can understand the meaning of what they are talking about. The notion of number, calculations, fundamental facts and the numbering system need to be constructed and understood. Only after that, the students should, little by little, memorize the calculations. This game promotes the training and resolution of the four operations in a playful and meaningful way.

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