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Place Value

Place Value

Hello, terraqueous! How about playing and learning Mathematics using the “golden stuff”? It favors learning because it is very dynamic and is built to represent a grouping system. From this material, you can discover meaningful relationships between parts. It is a material that enhances addition and subtraction operations, gives the notion of tens, hundreds and units. That Cool! That golden stuff is really cool! It is an excellent pedagogical resource and you will learn calculations while playing. Follow the games instructions to have fun and learn a little more, reinforcing the knowledge acquired in the classroom on a daily basis.

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 06 to 09 years old

Categories: Math

The golden material has become essential to streamline, in particular, Mathematics classes, as it is a pedagogical resource widely used to enhance classes and leverage knowledge. You, the teacher, can encourage the children to develop the proposed online game and then move on to the concrete golden material. If you are not familiar with this material, know that it is one of the many materials designed by the Italian educator and physician Maria Montessori to stimulate knowledge aimed at Mathematics content. It helps to develop the child's sense of order, concentration, motor coordination and various skills and competences. The abstract numerical relationships become real, concrete from the golden material, thus favoring teaching and learning.

By using this material, you, the teacher, will realize that students will have a more meaningful teaching and a progress in learning. This material allows you numerous teaching strategies, it is a remarkable didactic resource that makes the student learn primitive concepts of mathematics and adapts them to new learning.

How about suggesting that parents buy a set of golden wooden material to reinforce their knowledge at home with their children? This moment will be very good, as it can make parents and children interact more.

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