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Pirate Operation 2

Pirate Operation 2

The pirates are here inviting you to learn how to add and subtract. Are you coming?

Choose the operation and test your mathematical abilities with our pirate friends. It is super fun!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Subject: Mathematics

Theme: Addition and subtraction operations

Age 05 to 07 years old

The online game “Pirate Operation 2” is very dynamic and awakens the student to a fun universe in which it is possible to perform and redo operations of addition and subtraction in order to advance stages and assimilate the content being studied.

Online educational games are a very good teaching tool because they are practical, versatile and evolved. Children have fun while learning. As these games explore the ludic side, they contribute to a less traditional and tiring teaching.

In the game under study, the student works on his motor and cognitive skills. This game also favors competition since there is overcoming stages. This encourages the student to reach the end and also gives the opportunity to carry out a new calculation when he makes a mistake in adding or subtracting. It is important to realize that we are not always going to get it right and it is necessary to rethink our thinking to reach a common denominator.

The context of this game takes us to a fantastic scenario of the pirate universe. Students can extrapolate and research the protagonist and create puppets for a role-play. As pirates value nature, the Science teacher can propose a research regarding nature in the sense of preserving the environment and the planet. In Portuguese and Literature classes, it would be interesting to work with stories about domestic animals, such as the parrot, for example, since he is the favorite of pirates. Next, create puppets and put together stories with these little animals. This type of work awakens in the student a love for animals. Compassion for animals is one of the noblest virtues of human nature. "Before having loved an animal, part of our soul remains unconscious", Anatole France.

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