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Monstrous Puzzle

Monstrous Puzzle

Do you want to make new friends? These monsters are from another planet from the Milky Way and are here to assemble some puzzles. In this monstrous puzzle, the monster’s image will be scrambled and you need to help it be okay again. Organize the pieces to put together the correct picture. To play with another monster, click the red arrow next to the image and have fun!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School - Preschool

Subject: Mathematics

Theme: Animals puzzle

Age: 05 to 08 years

The puzzle is a game that requires focus and strategy which benefits the development of attention and focus, improvement of thinking skills, motor coordination, and others. This activity is much more than just entertainment. Education experts have realized puzzles are a great ally in the teaching-learning process, especially in early childhood.

They affirm that puzzles also help in the physicological maturing.

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