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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas is a date that is celebrated on December 25, a religious festival that symbolizes the birth of Jesus and involves people in an atmosphere of great joy and fraternization.

There are several Christmas symbols, such as Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and the crib, among others. Taking into account the Christmas tree, the protagonist of our online game, it is a Christmas symbol that is entirely pagan and refers to the ancient practice of using the tree as decoration or as part of religious rituals. In the times of the Egyptians and Romans, children, trees were already decorated. This practice had a direct relationship with their respective religious rituals. In this super fun game, youll take the decorations to the Christmas trees. Keep an eye out, children, so that the tree is balanced and does not topple over, because if that happens, unfortunately, you will have to start the stage again until you are able to properly complete the Christmas tree with the stipulated decorations. That Cool!

On the eve of Christmas, people usually buy gifts and prepare a supper, which usually gathers family and friends. The most interesting thing, in fact, is the solidarity climate that commands this fraternization, provoking, in people, an awareness and differentiated look towards those most in need. Many people form partnerships at this time to help those who have little, for example, organizing basic food baskets that are delivered to families with lower purchasing power. Food and toys are donated and the children are the ones who feel most happy and grateful. The world needs people who are willing to collaborate with those who live on the streets, shelters, nursing homes, day care centers, in short, with people who live in a situation of abandonment and misery. We want to awaken in children empathy and solidarity with the neediest. Go play and have fun, kids!

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 06 to 09 years old

As the proposed theme involves people in an atmosphere of great fellowship and compassion, the teacher can use the online game “Christmas Tree” to awaken in children a Christmas spirit more focused on solidarity. Setting up a Christmas tree will be essential to contextualize the game and get the children in the mood. Each child can contribute by taking ornaments characteristic of the tree and place them on it with the help of their classmates and the teacher should intermediate this moment, helping the children to decorate the tree with creativity and meaning. It would be great for the children to write a Christmas message to hang on the tree and for each child to choose one to read and keep as a keepsake. Writing will be prioritized to address the true meaning of Christmas. Before placing the decorations on the tree, students must count how many ornaments were taken for this purpose and Math will come into play. The Mathematics teacher will be able to use the tree decorations in mathematical problems and addition, subtraction and subtraction calculations.

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