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Split Balls

Split Balls

Hello child! Do you like to play ball with friends? Play football or dodgeball? Play sports? One ball is enough for us to start moving. Standing still is not enough. So lets get moving and start playing? Click on the green arrow to start the game. There are several stages for you to have fun. Take the blue ball to its destination, balancing it well so as not to lose the game. You have to have agility, dexterity and a lot of concentration to win the stages.

Your lightness and precise movements will be essential in this super fun game. The game starts with a blue ball in the first phase and they increase from the next ones. This means that the difficulties are increasing as well. In the third phase, suddenly, there is an explosion of balls. You have to concentrate to get them to the right destination. Very cool! Now that you already know a little bit about the online game “Multi Balls”, its time to start this challenge and get a lot of points by going through all the stages. Good luck and performance!