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Raccoon Rescue

Raccoon Rescue

Do you like animals? Do you know the raccoon? This cute little animal has a large head and a pointed snout. He has long fur and a bushy tail. It is a mammal that is very fond of forests. There are black spots on her cheeks that extend between her eyes. Thats right!

How about learning a curiosity about this little bug? Although it is not cited in the Brazilian list of endangered animals, a recent assessment revealed that the population of the crab-eating raccoon, as some call them, may be in decline. The raccoon faces several threats, such as the fragmentation of habitats in which agriculture and livestock are advancing. He also has to deal with illegal hunting, illegal trade and the pollution of waterways. In the Pantanal, unfortunately, the raccoon is already one of the most roadkilled mammalian species. Wow, this situation is very serious! We need to preserve animals. Think about it fondly.

In this super fun game full of colorful bubbles, you, child, will prove your love for animals. Help the raccoon to preserve the space where it lives, showing its persistence and ability to shoot and aim. You will have to master the skill of aiming at same bubbles, number of three, tap to drop the bubble and hit the target. Each level offers a limited number of bubbles and you will have to play your shot with great concentration and precision. Help us save this cute little animals life. This is the best bubble shooter game. Show soon that you are skilled!