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Geometric Adventure

Geometric Adventure

The yellow submarine is back, and this time your mission is to find the correct geometric shapes on the bottom of the sea.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 05 to 07 years old

Geometric shapes and the elementary relationships of geometry are everywhere. They are of fundamental importance to the development of the child's notion of space, as it explores the nature in which he circulates even before starting the counting process. The teaching of geometry is related to the child's daily life through problem solving, games, arts, exploration and manipulation of objects, among other activities. We designed this game to allow children to expand their knowledge and become familiar with flat geometric shapes, identifying their differences and similarities, awakening the need to observe their surroundings.

Pedagogical goals

  • Inserting and teaching geometric shapes;
  • Associate shapes with objects;
  • Identify and name geometric shapes and relate them to the drawing;
  • Identify similarities and differences between geometric shapes;
  • Improve visual discrimination ability;
  • Introduce the discussion on flat geometric shapes: circle, square, rectangle and triangle;
  • Establish relationships between objects with a flat geometric figure, observing their characteristics;
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