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Fun Dino

Fun Dino

Do you like prehistoric animals?

Find geometric shapes to reveal the dinosaurs!

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Subject: Mathematics

Theme: geometric shapes, prehistoric animals

Age 05 to 08 years old

Geometric shapes are essential content that kids must learn. This knowledge will be helpful in the future, especially in Geometry classes. That's why they should learn geometric shapes and their properties, such as angles.

Pedagogical goals

  • To know the geometric shapes;
  • To enhance their visual discrimination ability;
  • To identify and name geometric shapes and relate them to the dinosaurs figures;
  • To notice the differences and similarities between the geometric shapes;
  • To establish relations between objects with flat geometric figures, highlighting their characteristics;
  • To reinforce the topics discussed in the lessons;
  • To stimulate creativity;
  • To develop motor skills;
  • To develop logical thinking.
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