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Fun Dino

Fun Dino

Do you like prehistoric animals?

Find geometric shapes to reveal the dinosaurs!

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Teacher's tips

Subject: Mathematics

Theme: geometric shapes, prehistoric animals

Age 05 to 08 years old

Geometric shapes are essential content that kids must learn. This knowledge will be helpful in the future, especially in Geometry classes. That's why they should learn geometric shapes and their properties, such as angles.

Learner outcomes

To know the geometric shapes;

To enhance their visual discrimination ability;

To identify and name geometric shapes and relate them to the dinosaurs figures;

To notice the differences and similarities between the geometric shapes;

To establish relations between objects with flat geometric figures, highlighting their characteristics;

To reinforce the topics discussed in the lessons;

To stimulate creativity;

To develop motor skills;

To develop logical thinking.

Teachers' goals

To work with flat geometric shapes;

To promote and stimulate creativity;

To apply activities that help the development of logical thinking;

To work with their motor skills as they use the mouse;

To appreciate the visual arts;

To enable the integration with people and environments.

To reinforce the topics discussed in the lessons.

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

Before playing the game with the students, ask them a few questions, such as:

  • What's the shape of the whiteboard?

  • What's the shape of your notebook?

  • What's the shape of the clock?

  • What's the shape of the classroom's door?

  • What's the shape of the window?

  • What's the shape of the watch?

  • Are all of these objects flat geometric shapes?

  • What are the circle's characteristics?

  • What are the square's characteristics?

  • What are the rectangle's characteristics?

  • What are the triangle's characteristics?

After, take the students to the computer lab to play the game.

Let them be free to choose how to play.

Then, you can propose an activity related to the game, asking them to draw all the shapes they used in the game.

When you return to the classroom, ask them to count how many shapes they used and separate them into groups: circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.

More about the content

(Approach 01) Come up with a geometric shapes' bingo. Put at least ten geometric shapes on the bingo and hand them to the students to mark the ones you say. You can write the names of the shapes on pieces of paper, fold them, and take one at a time.

(Approach 02) Use sensory Montessori Materials containing geometric solids, such as the cube, the sphere, the cone, the ellipsoid, the ovoid, the cylinder, the square-based pyramid, the triangular prism, the triangular-based pyramid, and the rectangular prism.

(Approach 03) Glue beans or other grains inside the geometric shapes.

(Approach 04) Promote activities of completing the symmetric drawing of the geometric shapes using ice cream sticks.

(Approach 5) Take the students around the school. Tell them they must look at everything around them and find different geometric shapes. By doing this, the student will feel like the content is present in their daily lives.

(Approach 06) Build a geometric shapes puzzle. Then, ask the students to classify the figures.

(Approach 07) Organize a day for the students to paint using mainly geometric shapes. It is a good way of stimulating their artistic senses.

You can ask them to paint geometric shapes using other body parts instead of their hands.

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