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Savannah Animals

Savannah Animals

Did you know that some animals can live outside of their natural environment?

These animals are called savannah animals.

Slide the tracks to assemble them and learn a little more about each of them!

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Subject: Sciences

Age 04 to 07 years old

Animals are always present in children's lives. Whether in imagination, in stories or TV shows, they call attention and arouse curiosity. In this game a challenge! Assemble SAVANNAH ANIMALS and discover important information about them. A proposal that combines knowledge with the development of different skills!

Pedagogical goals

  • Develop motor skills;
  • Develop logical reasoning;
  • Analyze figures and expand the notions of composition and decomposition from the fragmentation of an image;
  • Develop discrimination and visual perception;
  • Know what savannah animals are;
  • Know some species of savannah animals and their main characteristics;
  • Recognize the risks of introducing savannah species into the environment;
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