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Teacher's support sheet

Savannah Animals

Savannah Animals

Did you know that some animals can live outside of their natural environment?

These animals are called savannah animals.

Slide the tracks to assemble them and learn a little more about each of them!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Subject: Sciences

Age 04 to 07 years old

Animals are always present in children's lives. Whether in imagination, in stories or TV shows, they call attention and arouse curiosity. In this game a challenge! Assemble SAVANNAH ANIMALS and discover important information about them. A proposal that combines knowledge with the development of different skills! [FIM-DICA]

Learner outcomes

Develop motor skills;

Develop logical reasoning;

Analyze figures and expand the notions of composition and decomposition from the fragmentation of an image;

Develop discrimination and visual perception;

Know what savannah animals are;

Know some species of savannah animals and their main characteristics;

Recognize the risks of introducing savannah species into the environment;

Teachers' goals

Work on logical reasoning, observation, critical and reflective analysis;

Evidence of discrimination and visual perception, through the analysis of the pieces and their positions in the puzzle;

Enable the development of different thinking skills, such as observation, comparison, analysis and the ability to synthesize;

Complement the study of savannah animals;

Offer the game as a didactic resource to fix the content worked in the classroom;

Expand students' knowledge;

Work with students on motor skills

Work attention, concentration;

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

(Suggestion 1) Propose the game in pairs, taking turns among the children, to assemble the puzzles.

For younger children, propose the game at the easiest level first, advancing to the difficult level after several plays, on alternate days.

For older children, propose the game only on the difficult level, adapting the proposal to the interest of the age group.

(Suggestion 2) As a record, take copies of images of these animals and propose that the children write captions, according to the texts they find, when putting together the puzzle for each species. The animals that appear in the game are: hippopotamus, tiger, rhinoceros, zebra, lion, giraffe, elephant and gorilla.

(Suggestion 3) To enrich the PROJECT, take research materials to the classroom and propose the production of an informative text about what they researched.

The survey should follow a script to answer the following questions about each animal:

  • What is your name? (POPULAR AND SCIENTIFIC)

  • How is it born?

  • How do you communicate? (Does it make any sound?)

  • What does it feed on?

  • Where do you live? (HABITAT)

  • How do you get around? (Does it walk, fly, nothing?)

  • How is your body? (your characteristics)

(Suggestion 4) Request a research paper for the students where they should survey savannah animals that were introduced in Brazil.

(Suggestion 5) Suggest a visit to the forest or zoo in your city. Ask students to make notes about the animals, such as:

  • Popular name

-Scientific name



  • Natural habitat

(Suggestion 6) Promote mime games where students should imitate a domestic animal so that classmates can guess.

(Suggestion 7) Ask students to make pictures illustrating with photographs the difference between domestic animals, domestic pets, wild animals, savannah animals...

(Suggestion 8) Mount a mural with different drawings made by the students about savannah animals.

(Suggestion 9) Show students the film “RIO” and work on questions about animal trafficking and loss of biodiversity.

(Suggestion 10) Together with the students, build a booklet on the risk of invasive alien species.

More about the content

In the classroom, before playing, children should be aware of what savannah animals are and the name of some species of these animals. Contrary to what many think, savannah animals are not those curious and different animals that we find in nature. The animal is exotic in a certain place when it is not part of the original fauna of that place. Most of the time, these animals were introduced by human action.

Some species introduced into our ecosystem can be very harmful, they are called invasive alien species. Invasive savannah species are organisms (plants, animals and microorganisms) that, once introduced into a new environment, of which they were not originally part, adapt and come to dominate, harm causing negative ecological, economic or social impacts. Some of these species can be accidentally introduced, but others are consequences of human will.

Examples of savannah animals: hippopotamus, lion, bear, zebra, python, etc. Get to know other games to work on the theme of Animals:

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