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Magic Calendar

Magic Calendar

Here we have a magic calendar we need to learn how to use to enjoy its powers. After answering all the questions, you can use the magic to go back in time and live a great adventure in the Dinosaurs Era.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary

Age: 06 to 09 years old

Subjects: Mathematics

Kids start changing their perception of time gradually, but teachers must give them opportunities to experience the social use of time.

Although kids are always in touch with many calendars, it is significant to broaden and systematize experiences so that they can make sense of their use. This approach allows them to work with quantities and measures related to time, such as days, months, and years. Moreover, It is an excellent source of information and research for reading and recording numbers.

Pedagogical goals

  • To recognize the calendar (day, month, and year) as a fundamental part of our daily lives;
  • To relate and identify the units of measurements of time - day, week, month, and year;
  • To learn about how numbers work in the specific context of calendars;
  • To build the notion of counting and sequencing days of the week, highlighting the sequence and time duration;
  • To establish a relation between the events of today, yesterday, and tomorrow;
  • To comprehend and relate the units of time measurement to the social context;
  • To recognize the meaning of quarters, semesters, and leap years;
  • To understand the time organization: days, months, years, decades, and centuries;
  • To learn about different calendars;
  • To experience challenges to solve problems involving days, months, and years.
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