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Learn to Count

Learn to Count

Let’s play jump rope and learn to count to 100. The bunny will be our partner in this super fun game!

Choose your language, start to jump and be alert to avoid falling.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Teaching level: Kindergarten - Elementary School I - Elementary School II

Age: 05 to 12 years

Reciting the numerical sequence is a way of memorizing and establishing the systematization and structuring of the numbering system, both written and verbal. Thus, the game “Learn to count” supports this work, offering the counting of numbers in English and Spanish.

Pedagogical goals

  • Recite and memorize the numerical sequence from 1 to 100;
  • Develop logical-mathematical reasoning and construction of the concept of number through play;
  • Recognize the names of numbers and correctly associate them with their respective numerical symbol;
  • Identify the presence of the English language in Brazilian society;
  • Systematize forms of registration of quantities;
  • Stimulate mathematical logical reasoning;
  • Solve problem situations with the proposed theme;
  • Knowing the numbers from 0 to 100 in other languages ​​(English, Spanish and Italian);
  • Develop understanding of the language of other cultures;
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