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Crazy Zoo

Crazy Zoo

Come and visit CRAZY ZOO, a very fun zoo!

Here you will meet several animals, such as the giraffe, the bear and the elephant.

Shall we count how many animals of each species live in CRAZY ZOO?

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Teaching level: Kindergarten

Age: 04 to 05 years

The use of games for teaching mathematics in early childhood education, in addition to sharpening curiosity and logical reasoning, encourages the student to understand its importance in everyday life. The games, when worked in pairs, enable cooperation between students. Therefore, at times provide activities in pairs or groups. Ask students to take turns using the computer and cooperate in choosing the correct answer.

After using the game, ask students to make records about the game, for example, they can write the numbers that appeared in their moves, then they should draw objects representing the amount of each number. Below is a list of suggestions for developing other activities that complement the game.

Pedagogical goals

  • Recite and memorize the numerical sequence from 0 to 9;
  • To have notions of quantity and relation of numerals. As well as knowing how to perform the oral count;
  • Stimulate and develop the reading and writing of numbers as a support for the assimilation of various types of mathematical knowledge content;
  • Show the logic of building numbers - based on wordplay to express and represent quantities and measurements that can be performed in mathematical experiments;
  • Explore and recognize numbers and make relationships between quantities and numbers;
  • Develop logical-mathematical reasoning and construction of the concept of number through play;
  • Recognize the names of numbers and correctly associate them with their respective numerical symbol;
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