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Rotate the device

Fun Animals

Fun Animals

Fun animals will show up on your screen.

To see them, you must first know about geometric shapes.

Let’s start?

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of Education - Elementary School

Subject - Mathematics

Theme - Geometric shapes

Age - 05 to 08 years old

Geometric shapes are all around us. If you take a quick look around, I bet you can identify many of them in a matter of seconds. Learning geometric shapes allows students to distinguish objects, helping with categorization, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving. Besides that, it is necessary to stimulate interaction with technology and learning through games.

Pedagogical goals

  • To develop different thinking skills, such as observation, analysis and evaluation, and problem-solving;
  • To analyze forms and expand the ideas of composing and decomposing shapes;
  • To recognize the different positions of fragmented figures in an image;
  • To acquire self-assurance when solving problems;
  • To stimulate cooperation between classmates by promoting activities in pairs or groups;
  • To practice attention and memorization;
  • To help improve motor skills.
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