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My puppy

My puppy

Puppies are great companies. They love your kindness and to play with you. In the game ‘My Puppy’ you’ll choose a cute pet to adopt, name it, and read a poem about it, besides playing with puzzles! Cool, right?

Let’s choose your favorite puppy!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Subject: English - Mathematics

Theme: Pets

Age: 05 to 08 years old

Pets make the environment more cheerful, keep you company, help reduce anxiety and stimulate children's emotional and intellectual development.

Having pets stimulates sociability, collaborates with cognitive development, and helps the acquisition of responsibilities. However, having a real pet is not always possible. So you can have it virtually and work skills similar to those mentioned above. This is possible with this game. We also suggest some activities below to assist the development of the topic.

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