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Magic Unicorn

Magic Unicorn

Im the Magical Unicorn and Im going to take you on an amazing journey. You can color and have a lot of fun in my imaginary world. How about “Paintar o Sete”? In this versatile game, the protagonist is a very cheerful unicorn who likes to vary his clothes and accessories. You will color it and make it much prettier. Use your creativity and logical reasoning to start this fun journey through the world of imagination and Fairy Tales. After coloring the proposed images in the online game, how about creating your unicorn and making a little story? At Story Time, you and your friends will have the opportunity to read your Fairy Tales to each other. Cool huh???!!! Get to work, kids!!!

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Age 05 to 07 years old

It is known that a “Fairy Tale” is a type of story in which we come across fantastic characters from folklore, such as dragons, fairies, kings, queens, princesses, princes, giants, gnomes, talking animals, unicorns or witches. They are stories full of enchantments. In the game under study, we have the unicorn as the central character and around it an imaginary world that touches children's sensibilities. It is very important for a child to dream of an enchanted world and travel in the universe of reading to build knowledge in a playful way. Fairy Tales consist of short narratives, whose stories revolve around a central theme and whose objective is to transmit knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another.

As for Children's Literature, the countless stories contribute to the pedagogical practice, in this case, stimulating imagination, curiosity, sensitivity, fantasy, in addition to encouraging children to be more creative and to understand their feelings, including fear. When coloring the images and encountering the unicorn, the child will perceive the profile of this character that at first generates fear, but is docile and sensitive at the same time. To better illustrate the theme, the teacher can tell other stories that are related to the imaginary world and motivate the production of verbal (written predominates) and non-verbal texts. Remembering that non-verbal language texts are those that use other elements to build meaning, such as sounds, colors, shapes, images, etc. Examples of non-verbal language are traffic signs or other signs, which, through images, communicate their messages. However, most of the texts have mixed language, that is, more than one type of language. Commonly, images such as photos or illustrations are used to contribute towards written texts. In the online game in which the unicorn is revealed through colors, there is a predominance of non-verbal text, but the child can use it to start verbal or mixed production. It is up to the educator to take advantage of it in text production workshops or staging.

It is noteworthy that online educational games favor the global formation of students and promote the development of cognitive and socio-emotional skills. They provide creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, the ability to work as a team. The online game “Magic Unicorn” provides space for various activities to be carried out at school. It is enough that teachers are willing to carry out a project that addresses the disciplines that are within the subject under study. Taking students to the school library to research this mythological animal will be very interesting. This will wake them up for the game and activities that will be developed.

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