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Playing with Vowels

Playing with Vowels

The circus is in town, and George the clown is looking for balloons to decorate the arena.

Help the clown find the vowels in the gaps, then retrieve the balloons that are flying across the sky.

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Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Teaching level: Kindergarten

Age: 04 to 06 years old

Using interactive children's games is a great way to teach, as the child feels stimulated and allows him to understand in an easy way. It is a great method that adds the main needs of the learning process, helping to understand and reproduce words correctly, in addition to helping with memorization. In this game, children will know the vowels and will be able to visualize the writing and hear the pronunciation of several words, providing opportunities for ludic and meaningful learning.

Pedagogical goals

  • Develop reading skills;
  • Associate letter to its sound;
  • Differentiate vowel from consonant;
  • Understand that different words share certain letters;
  • Differentiate letters from numbers and geometric shapes;
  • Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;
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