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Rotate the device

Word Factory

Word Factory

Come work at the Escola Games factory, in the word assembly sector.

The service is very simple: just complete the word presented with the missing letter. After this step, you will control a robot, find letters scattered around the factory to assemble other words.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 06 to 08 years old

This proposal invites the student to complete and form words and formulate new hypotheses about writing, also working on spelling. It is a challenge where the little ones should reflect on the spelling of words, relating new knowledge to what they already have. At the end, a game where they will have to control the robot to dodge the objects and capture the letters that make up the word.

Pedagogical goals

  • Develop and improve reading and writing;
  • Memorize the conventional writing of words;
  • Recognize the sound and written differences of words;
  • Advance the level of writing;
  • Understand the use of the alphabet in the construction of words;
  • Identify and differentiate the letters of the alphabet;
  • Develop attention and concentration;
  • Develop motor coordination;
  • Recognize the written and sound differences words;
  • Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;
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