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The Elf Island

The Elf Island

Honorable Elf,

Garbage Monsters invaded the Island, and now the Guardians need your help! Clean the island, kick out the monsters, and find the totems. That’s the only way to reestablish nature’s balance.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Age: 08 to 11 years old

Subjects: English - Science

This game is a tool that helps the teacher to work with environmental education in the classroom, building habits and knowledge with the students while teaching them the importance of caring for nature.

During the game, they will read information about riparian forests, reforestation, and concepts related to sustainable development.

Free online game for kids in Elementary School

Pedagogical goals

  • To identify the actions that help preserve the environment;
  • To develop cooperating, respectful, and preserving attitudes;
  • To analyze facts and situations about people's actions concerning trash, recognizing the need to participate in this process;
  • To learn about the environmental impacts caused by individual and collective actions;
  • To comprehend that small efforts can help the improvement of environmental quality;
  • To analyze facts and situations about trash, recognizing the need to participate in this process;
  • To raise awareness among students about the different forms of collection and destination of waste in the school, their house, neighborhood, and their city;
  • To develop self-assurance when solving problems;
  • To improve their motor coordination;
  • To work with the content discussed in the classroom.
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