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Ghost Escape

Ghost Escape

Hello child! Did you know that ghosts like to live in castle basements and old houses? People are very afraid of haunted places and ghosts, but the little ghost in this game is not scary, he is cool. The funny thing is that he is afraid of people and likes to remain invisible to go on adventures. Want to get to know him better? Tap to play and choose stage. The Blue Phantom loves adventures and goes skipping through the air. What a smartass! He doesnt fear danger, after all, hes a little ghost. He loves challenges and throws himself in search of new adventures, because he finds the life of a little ghost a bit boring. His eyes are wide and very large.

Did you know he doesnt even like scaring people very much? In fact, he is a good ghost. Help him overcome the obstacles he will encounter along the way by managing the arrows on his keyboard well and with agility.

Ghost Escape is full of strategies. Learn from him some. Did you know that thinking and acting strategically in the game helps us to deal with different situations in life, and in the future, this could even be essential in the job market?

Focus on the game and dont get distracted. Learning to concentrate is a valuable resource for your studies and online games help a lot in this regard.

Games generally require player skills that contribute to the ability to deal with crisis situations, challenges and conflicts, giving players the competence to find creative solutions.Ghost Escapel game takes you to a universe with many obstacles and conflicts. Be strategic and persistent to reach the endgame and succeed. Good luck!