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Rotate the device

Telling Time

Telling Time

Adjust the hands of the clock to the correct time.

Score points to play inside the clock!

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Série: 1º Ano - 2º Ano - 3º Ano

Age: 06 to 09 years old

Subjects: Mathematics

Telling time is much more than a simple math equation. Teaching to tell time is valuable because it helps students manage their time, improving their planning skills and responsibility. And now, telling time is much more fun! This game allows students to reinforce their knowledge and explore their motor skills.

Pedagogical goals

  • To comprehend and relate the measurement of time to the social context;
  • To recognize seconds, minutes, and hours;
  • To identify time during the day;
  • To learn about analogical clock;
  • To tell time by looking at a clock;
  • To understand the clock as a tool to measure time;
  • To look at the clock and be able to decode the fraction on time;
  • To participate in problem-solving situations involving time.
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