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Snake Attack

Snake Attack

Hi kids! Are you afraid of snakes? Did you know that the venom of the jararaca snake is used in medicine? Cool huh?! Snakes are useful in nature. Some people are attacked by snakes, but almost always because they have been messed with. Thats right! A curiosity: in Brazil is located the place where there are more snakes. The place is called "Ilha da Queimada Grande", also known as "Ilha das Cobras". Now that youve learned a little bit about this reptile, lets get into the game.

This game will allow you to face several poisonous and dangerous snakes to defend the green snake and help it to feed itself.

Moving, eating and avoiding are the tips to start playing. At each stage, you have a record to beat. Press the arrow keys on the keyboard to move left and right, as well as to dodge the bigger snakes and save the little green snake. Be very agile!

The green snake is very smart, but very small and unprotected. You have to help her in this incredible adventure, otherwise she will be attacked by the bigger ones or she will starve to death. Bravely face the venomous snakes and save the little green snake. Lets play there, girl?! Good luck!!!!