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Prehistoric Defense

Prehistoric Defense

Have you ever stopped to think about the evolution of man? Did you know that the first stages of human evolution began about 7 million years ago in Africa? At this stage of life on Earth, according to some scientists, there were three species of superior primates: chimpanzees, gorillas and human beings. However, it was only 2.5 million years ago that proto-humans appeared, that is, the first known human beings, who began to use crude tools, such as chipped stones. Evolution made it possible for humans to gain height, capacity and intelligence. From there, we began the process of building shelter, clothing, and fighter artifacts. In fact, men used animal skins as clothing. Have you ever imagined this?!

In this super fun and dynamic game, youll go back to Prehistory. At that time, men needed to defend themselves from enemies and keep their village safe and free from attacks. Dinosaurs were terrible and rushed forward to attack the warriors. You, in the game, will be a fearless warrior and will not let these ferocious animals attack your village.

Children, get to know this online game closely, Tower Defense style, whose setting has dinosaurs and prehistoric weapons. You will surely be a very brave warrior and you will quickly reach the final stage to fulfill your mission. Good luck!