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Kingdom Defense

Kingdom Defense

Before you start playing, children, it would be good to talk about a period in our history full of fights, disputes, conflicts: the Middle Ages. This time was also called Medieval and was marked by feudalism, by the Crusades and Inquisition, by many battles, in short, it was a period of great historical events.

In the online game, in a fun way, you will enter this context of disputes and great duels. If you find it interesting, research on this subject. Some people referred to this period as the "Dark Ages". The population was divided into nobility, clergy and peasants. Study on this subject and you will make great discoveries, child.

Now, its time to play and the scenario is one of wars, battles, traps... You need to defend yourself to win the game. On the home screen, the characters are introduced through the “Guide Book”. They are very strong and some are frightening. It has amazing prizes for the archer. He is a valiant medieval foot soldier. Help him fight horrible monsters and cruel opponents. Go win that fight, kid! Good luck!