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Dividing the Pizza

Dividing the Pizza

Hello! We are looking for a new pizza deliveryman.

All orders are delayed and chef Agostino needs to hire a helper today!

Our only requirement for the job is that you know the fractions well.

An educational math game about fractions.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 09 to 12 years old

Fractions are always a delicate point in teaching Mathematics. The content begins to be worked on in the early years of Basic Education and if it is not worked on in a significant way, it can generate doubts in the more advanced grades, such as fundamental II high school. usually

Far beyond representing the parts of a whole, fractions relate to other types of problems, such as division and the relationship between quantities. This game brings an excellent proposal for math classes, providing the understanding and reflection of the concepts that involve the fraction.

Pedagogical goals

  • Play, simulating the symbolic game (real life);
  • Systematize ways of registering fractions;
  • Stimulate mathematical logical reasoning;
  • Solving problem situations with everyday situations;
  • Understand and recognize that it is necessary to use other numbers, and also drawings, in situations where natural numbers are not sufficient to demonstrate the result of a division;
  • Understand the representations of fractions through games;
  • Establish relations between division and fraction;
  • Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;
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