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Because it is an excellent pastime, Tic-tac-toe makes the child go back to the traditions of their ancestors and have fun, but developing a logical reasoning that leads to an unusual result that may even end in a tie. Why that name? Lets enlighten you! Its name Jogo da Ticla originated in England, when women, at dusk, gathered in a moment of relaxation to have tea, embroider or play. Cool huh?! Tic-tac-toe was played by older women who could not see well and could not do their embroidery. Therefore, the entertainment option was this motivating and interesting game. Many people think that this game, in fact, has a very ancient origin, as they found boards excavated in the rocks in temples of Ancient Egypt, made, possibly,

How about, kids, relive this classic Tic-Tac-Toe Game? Now, in its digital version, you play against the computer! There are two difficulty levels for you to play with. The rule is simple, you need to make a sequence of three identical symbols. They can be in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. The game logic is simple and will depend a lot on your deduction to be successful. Pay attention to the various possibilities so that you can make the best move. Explore the game with insight and you will be winners. Good performance, kids!