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Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire

Hello beautiful child! Do you know this fun game that helps us pass the time? One move is enough to take a piece and make it “jump” over another, always horizontally or vertically, ending up in an empty space. The piece that was “jumped” is immediately removed from the board. You need smarts to reach your goal. Dont give up, even if it seems difficult at first. Be persistent to reach your goal!

The game ends when no more moves can be made. The aim of the pastime is to leave a single piece on the board, hence the name “Peg Solitaire”.

How about discovering a curiosity about this old game? This game is said to have been created by a French nobleman named Pellison. At the time of the French Revolution, he was imprisoned in the Bastille by order of King Louis XIV. He was locked in a cell alone, with a board of “Foxes and Geese” as his only company, a game that was supposed to be played by two people. Nice to make discoveries, isnt it?!

Now that you already know a little bit about the game “Peg Solitaire”, its time to play and do your best. Show that you are very capable and perform well!