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Classic Backgammon

Classic Backgammon

Hi guys! Lets learn about another game today? Backgammon is a very old game that is still very successful. To win this game, you need to be smart and agile to move all the pieces to your inner quadrant and remove them from the board. Thats right!

To better understand how to play it, know that backgammon is played on a board with 24 narrow triangles called points. The triangles have alternating colors and are arranged in four six-pointed quadrants. There are four types of quadrants: the players inner and outer quadrants and the opponents inner and outer quadrants. In the middle of the board is the intersection of the four quadrants, cut by an elevation called the bar. It sounds complicated, but its not! Because its an online game, youll have a lot of fun and play wisely to beat your opponent. Good luck!