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My puppy

Lesson plan

Needed online game

My puppy

My puppy


Puppies are great companies. They love your kindness and to play with you. In the game ‘My Puppy’ you’ll choose a cute pet to adopt, name it, and read a poem about it, besides playing with puzzles! Cool, right?

Let’s choose your favorite puppy!

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Age Time
5 to 8-year-olds 45 minutes - 60 minutes


  • To teach children about responsibility and care for virtual pets;
  • To enhance problem–solving skills through puzzle-solving;
  • To foster empathy and understanding for animals;
  • To develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Needed material

  • Computer or tablets with an internet connection
  • Printed visuals of pet care activities

1. Warm-up

  • Start the class by asking children if they have any pets at home. Encourage them to share their experiences with pets or their favorite animals.
  • Discuss what it means to take care of a pet and the responsibilities that come with it. Reinforce that they are living beings that depend on us.

2. Presentation

  • Show pictures or visuals of common pet care activities, such as feeding, grooming, and playing with pets.
  • Discuss the importance of taking care of pets and why it's essential to meet their needs.

3. Practice

  • Introduce the “My Puppy” game on computers or tablets.
  • Tell students to choose a puppy to assemble a puzzle. Encourage them to play the game with all the puppies.
  • After that, present them with the printed puppies and, again, ask them to choose one to adopt. Make sure to explain that the puppy comes with responsibilities, such as feeding and playing with the pet. They will ‘use’ the adopted puppy in the next moment of class.

4. Production

  • Provide an offline activity by using printed visuals of pet care activities and the printed puppies.
  • Ask children to match the pet care activities to the corresponding pictures or descriptions. (Suggestion: use the descriptions with older children, it will challenge them more!)
  • Discuss the importance of each care activity and how it relates to the puppies they adopted before.
  • Allow them to draw or write about their own experiences with their adopted pet. Then, give them some free time to talk to their colleagues about their new puppies.

5. To sum up

Gather the children and discuss what they've learned during the lesson. Ask questions like:

  • "What are some responsibilities when taking care of a pet?"
  • "How did you take care of your virtual puppy in the game?"
  • "What did you learn about empathy for animals today?"

Encourage them to practice responsibility and empathy not only in the game but also with real pets or animals. Keep the printed puppies in the classroom and use them in other situations with students.

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Karol Oliveira

Karol Oliveira

Modern Languages undergraduate student at Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro - UFTM

TOEFL certificate

Teaching EFL (English as a foreign language) for 5 years

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