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Memory Water

Memory Water

Water is our most important asset. We need to preserve it.

Find the combination of figures and learn more about this natural resource.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of Education: Elementary School

Subject: Science

Theme: Water

Age 08 to 14 years old

Memory Water is a game that shows students the different usages of water, its importance, and where we can find it. Besides that, the game brings concepts and definitions that are important for the comprehension and study of Environmental resource management.

When the player finds the corresponding images, they read a small text with essential information for related activities the teacher may suggest. Encourage students to take notes about the topics in the game.

Pedagogical goals

  • To understand the different usages of water;
  • To comprehend that water is a part of everything around us;
  • To recognize the importance of water for the emergent and maintenance of life;
  • To understand the influence of human beings on the various uses of water;
  • To evaluate the significance of potable water for human consumption;
  • To recognize water as a power source;
  • To understand how human beings pollute water in the nature reserves, as well as their role in water preservation;
  • To develop attitudes of interaction, collaboration, and experience-sharing;
  • To think about the causes of pollution of the oceans;
  • To respect the necessary care to preserve the aquatic environment.
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