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The Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum

You will get to know a little about the history of the biggest animals that planet Earth has ever housed. Each piece on display has valuable information. Then answer the correct questions to solve beautiful puzzles.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Subject: Sciences

Age: 08 to 12 years old

Paleontology is a topic that delights all ages. Gigantic and frightening animals spark the imagination. In this game the child is taken to know a little about the history of the biggest animals that the planet Earth has ever had. Each piece on display has valuable information to explore. If possible, associate the game with a virtual or face-to-face visit to the museum closest to your city.

Pedagogical goals

  • Present the study of fossils and past biodiversity;
  • Understand the importance of studying the past in understanding the present;
  • Understand changes in the environment and in living beings over time;
  • Know some characteristics of dinosaurs: teeth, fossils, replicas, eggs, footprints;
  • Recognize the kinship between current living beings and others that are already extinct;
  • Recognize some species of dinosaurs and their characteristics;
  • Realize that living beings have a life cycle, that is, they appear and disappear;
  • Identify the periods of phenomena that occurred on Earth through the study of fossils;
  • Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;
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