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Christmas Symbols

Christmas Symbols

Santa Claus has already started his work, but, to be able to deliver all the gifts before Christmas, hell need you to engage in this fun mission and collect all Christmas Symbols. Be careful, because if you collect the wrong symbol, it can sink into the snow, delaying your journey.

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 05 to 07 years old

Lots of fun things we do at Christmas like exchanging gifts, writing cards, decorating a tree. It is a time when we enjoy being with our families, making decorations and other crafts. In these amusing moments it is possible to find Christmas symbols surrounded by all parts. The symbols of Christmas represent the scene of the celebration of this great Christian feast. With origins in different times, each of the symbols appears not only because they are beautiful and bring more beauty and joy to the party, but because they all have a curious story to tell and, in this way, convey a message.

Learner outcomes

Understand the meaning of the Christmas symbol;

Understand the importance of Christmas for Christian culture;

Stimulate learning;

Stimulate problem-solving strategy skills;

Develop attention and logical thinking;

Develop motor coordination;

Promote memory exercise;

Develop different thinking skills such as: observe, compare, analyze and synthesize;

Stimulate cooperation among colleagues by promoting activities in pairs or groups;

Teachers' goals

Introduce Christmas symbols to students;

Show students the meaning of Christmas symbols;

Work with students concentration skills and logical reasoning;

Work attention and concentration;

Enable the development of different thinking skills, such as observation, comparison, analysis and the ability to synthesize;

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

(Suggestion 1) Ask students to make a Christmas card with drawings or simple words to give to parents.

(Suggestion 2) Set up a Christmas tree with the students and produce other Christmas ornaments to decorate the room. You can ask students to bring a picture from home on which you can decorate the Christmas tree with it.

(Suggestion 3) Draw and paint the Christmas symbols and present the meanings of each one of them.

(Suggestion 4) Promote a moment of storytelling about Christmas (the arrival of Jesus, the path of the Three Wise Men.

(Suggestion 5) Make a wreath with the students.

(Suggestion 6) Watch a Christmas movie, then make an illustration about a scene from the movie.

(Suggestion 7) Sing Christmas carols.

(Suggestion 8) Make Christmas cookies.

(Suggestion 9) Make a Christmas decoration with recyclable material.

(Suggestion 10) Promote a campaign to collect clothes and toys for later donation.

(Suggestion 11) Make a Christmas-themed puppet show. You can ask students to retell a story or create your own.

More about the content

Meanings of the Christmas Symbols:


It represents the star that led the Wise Men to Jesus and reminds us to follow the Savior's light, just as the Wise Men followed the light of the star to find Him. It also represents the star that appeared in the sky when Jesus Christ was born.


Its circular shape can represent eternity. Wreaths hanging from doors or windows are like a symbolic invitation for the spirit of Christmas to fill our homes with the joy of the season.


They may symbolize the announcement of Christ's birth when the angels in heaven praised God and declared, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (Luke 2:14).


They may remind us of the staffs carried by the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus. During the time of Christ, the shepherd's staff often had a staff, or curve, on top, which was used to hook sheep by the neck to gently lead them to food or water or to protect them from harm.


It is said that, in Germany, an old man used to place candles in his window to light the way for travellers.

Thus, Christmas candles assume the role of representing the light that the birth of Jesus brings to people's lives, because he came to dispel darkness, darkness.


It is a representation of the scenario in which the Baby Jesus was born.


The angels represent the figure of Gabriel, the angel who announced to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus.


The figure of Santa Claus arises from the gestures of kindness of a bishop named Nicolau.

According to legend, he threw gold coins into the chimneys of the homes of the most needy in Turkey, having been recognized by the church as a saint.


The custom of decorating the Christmas tree dates back to the 16th century and originally represented the winter solstice. Pines are the only trees that keep their leaves even in winter. Alive and green all year round, it represents hope, joy and change at Christmas.

its lights symbolize the stars, the sun and the moon.


They symbolize the waiting for the Lord's coming, as the branches are God's eternity and each candle is a specific vote for the faithful, while its light is the affirmation that the Gospel shines in the lives of those who serve Christ.