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1st grade - Geography - Educational Games


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Specific Competencies:

Use geographic knowledge to understand the interaction between society and nature and exercise interest and a spirit of investigation and problem-solving.

Establish connections between different themes of geographic knowledge, recognizing the importance of technical objects for understanding how humans have used natural resources throughout history.

Develop autonomy and critical thinking for the understanding and application of geographic reasoning in the analysis of human occupation and the production of space, involving the principles of analogy, connection, differentiation, distribution, extension, location, and order.

Develop spatial thinking, using cartographic and iconographic languages, different textual genres, and geotechnologies to solve problems involving geographic information.

Develop and use processes, practices, and investigation procedures to understand the natural, social, economic, political world, and the technical-scientific and informational environment, assess actions, and propose questions and solutions (including technological ones) for issues that require scientific knowledge of Geography.

Construct arguments based on geographic information, debate, and defend ideas and viewpoints that respect and promote socio-environmental awareness and respect for biodiversity and others, without prejudice of any kind.

Act personally and collectively with respect, autonomy, responsibility, flexibility, resilience, and determination, proposing actions on socio-environmental issues based on ethical, democratic, sustainable, and solidarity principles.