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Shapes and drawings

Lesson plan

Needed online game

Shapes and Drawings

Shapes and Drawings


Do you know all the shapes of these drawings? Let’s test if you do in the game “Shapes and drawings”!. Each picture has three missing parts. You need to complete them and find out what they are. Ready?

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Age Time
4 to 6-year-olds 45 minutes - 65 minutes


  • To develop fine motor skills by dragging and placing shapes
  • To recognize and name basic shapes
  • To encourage creativity by using shapes to create simple drawings
  • To improve spatial reasoning skills

Target vocabulary

  • Shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square)

Needed material

  • Computer or tablets with an internet connection
  • Pre-made drawings and cut-out shapes for offline activities
  • Drawing paper and coloring materials

1. Warm-up

Gather students in a circle and discuss what their favorite shapes or objects they like to draw are. Talk to them about what shapes they see in these objects and drawings.

2. Presentation

  • Show a simple drawing, such as a bike with missing wheels
  • Explain that they will play a game in which they will have to complete drawings by dragging missing parts.
  • Introduce and name the basic shapes they will encounter in the game.

3. Practice

Take students to the computer lab and introduce the “Shapes and drawings” game; Demonstrate how to play, by dragging images; Let children take turns playing and help them when needed; Encourage students to name the shapes and they complete the drawings.

4. Production

  • Provide an offline activity by showing pre-made drawings with missing parts and cut-out shapes.
  • Have students complete them in pairs or individually;
  • Encourage creativity by allowing them to create their drawings using the shapes.
  • For extended activities, provide drawing paper and coloring materials, allowing children to draw and color pictures using shapes.

5. To sum up

  • Gather the children and discuss what they learned during the lesson.
  • Ask questions like: "What shapes did you use to complete the drawings?" "Did you have fun creating your drawings using shapes?" "Can you name a shape you used today?"
  • Encourage them to practice using shapes and creating drawings at home as homework.

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Karol Oliveira

Karol Oliveira

Modern Languages undergraduate student at Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro - UFTM

TOEFL certificate

Teaching EFL (English as a foreign language) for 5 years

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