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Teacher's support sheet

Simple Piano

Simple Piano

Your presence here is essential! Play the songs to participate in the birds show.

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Teacher's tips

Level of Education: Preschool

Age: 04 to 06 years old

Subjects: Art

Music has a significant impact on childhood development. It can help create an intimate connection with kids, improve their fine and gross skills, and impact their general happiness. Musical education goes far away from playing an instrument. It helps with cultural and psychomotor development and stimulates them to socialize. Use this game to complement your music classes.

Learner outcomes

Learn and identify musical notes;

To develop motor skills while using the mouse;

To reinforce the content discussed in class;

To develop logical thinking;

To improve the differentiation and visual perception;

To know the sounds.

Teachers' goals

To offer the game as a didactic resource to explore the content discussed in the classroom;

To improve their motor skills (control and click on the mouse to play the songs);

To reinforce the content discussed in the classroom;

To stimulate students to learn about music;

To offer the game as a didactic resource to explore the content discussed in the classroom;

To widen students' knowledge;

To work with students on their artistic skills.

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

(Approach 1) Musical Statue

This classic game helps improve many abilities, special attention, and motor skills. Play a song, and when you pause, say: Statues

All students should freeze in position. The student who moves loses.

(Approach 2) In case the school has musical instruments, take students to know them. Allow them to touch and hear their sounds of them, analyzing their differences and similarities. If the school doesn't have musical instruments, organize with the coordination to take students somewhere they have them.

(Approach 3) Music is all around us.

Get as many musical instruments as you can find. Don't you have any? Don't worry, crafting it is more fun. Grab pans, bowls, milk containers - everything you can find. Put buttons or beads inside closed recipients and you have some musical instruments.

(Approach 4) You can also create a band with students. If you want to, invite a music teacher to teach this class a few times in the beginning.

(Approach5) Put on music and grab paper and pencils. Spend time listening and drawing what they are listening to, using shapes, lines, and colors to represent the sounds of musical instruments. Then, ask them why they chose certain shapes and colors and what they represent.

(Approach 6) Take a sound box to class with different classical music played by various instruments. Then, ask students to try and guess which instruments are on each song.

(Approach 7) Organize a dancing contest with the physical education teacher.

More about the content

Working with music with kids is vital for them to discover things about themselves and the world around them. It also helps them to widen their vocabulary and develop pre-reading and mathematics skills. Besides that, they will improve their social and emotional skills and taste in music.

There are many ways to work music with kids at school. It should always be playful and prioritize group work, crafting instruments, and playing games.