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Teacher's support sheet

Poems about Easter

Poems about Easter

With long ears and white fur

Easter friend is good bunny

In this game you have to help the bunny to find his partner

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 06 to 09 years old

The objective of the game is to memorize images of bunnies and their Easter eggs, in order to develop and improve reasoning, especially for children, through the creation of relationships between the image and the sequence of the cards laid out. In addition to the development of logical reasoning when finding the corresponding letter, the child will be presented with a beautiful poem about Easter, with several fun rhymes. It's a game with simple rules that allow you to develop both math and Eglish language skills.

Learner outcomes

Know the meaning of “Easter”;

Highlight the Easter symbols and the concept of each one;

Valuing and respecting the true meaning of Easter;

Explore objects related to Easter;

Work on the social and cultural historical relationship of Easter;

Develop the symbolic function;

Develop text reading and interpretation

Development of photographic memory;

Develop attention, concentration and logical reasoning;

Enable the development of different thinking skills, such as observation, comparison, analysis and the ability to synthesize;

Build the idea of ​​competition and the importance of knowing how to win or lose;

Teachers' goals

Take advantage of the “Easter” theme to work on attitudes of respect, love and sharing;

Develop imagination and creativity through texts, poems and short stories;

Encourage socialization through activity in pairs;

Offer the game as a didactic resource to fix the content worked in the classroom;

Expand students' knowledge;

Work with students on motor skills, concentration skills and logical thinking;

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

(Suggestion 1) Talk to the children about Easter. Ask questions like:

  1. What do you know about Easter?

  2. What is the animal that appears at this time?

  3. Where do you think chocolate eggs come from?

  4. Where are they produced?

  5. What other Easter symbols do you know?

  6. What is the relationship between the rabbit and the egg and Easter?

(Suggestion 2) Conversation circle about the importance of Easter in our lives and how this very important day came about;

(Suggestion 3) Presentation of the Easter symbols with their meanings;

(Suggestion 4) Painting the symbols with the making of posters for exhibition at school;

(Suggestion 5) EASTER EGG HUNT: Gather the students and instruct them to assemble toy Easter eggs (use Styrofoam balls or paper to fill the inside of the egg, use cellophane for the outside. Hide the eggs behind the school and divide the class into teams, whoever finds the most easter eggs wins the game.

(Suggestion 6) CHOCOLATE FACTORY: make with the students Easter eggs, fruit and chocolate sticks or sweets that are viable in terms of space and acquisition of materials;

(Suggestion 7) Paint the students' faces with drawings of bunnies;

(Suggestion 8) Making rabbit masks or headbands;

(Suggestion 9) Make Easter cards for parents or schoolmates;

(Suggestion 10) Making a puzzle with the symbols of Easter;

More about the content

Easter is an important date from a social, spiritual and cultural point of view. It is a moment of reflection and respect, however, it has become an extremely commercial date. It is important that projects are carried out at school that aim to explain the real reason for Easter. These projects may involve storytelling, staging through theaters, films, using online games, among others. In this way, the child will have the opportunity to develop his capacity for critical thinking and reflection, his empathy and respect for others, without, however, losing his fantasy and pleasure for this celebration.