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Teacher's support sheet

Plural Game

Plural Game

Write the plural of the indicated words. Do not be afraid to make mistakes! After three attempts, the teacher will show the correct answer.

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Teacher's tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 06 to 08 years old

Playfulness through games can be an excellent means of encouraging learning. THE PLURAL GAME is a great ally in teaching and learning the singular and plural of words. Through the game, children will reinforce learning, testing their skills and acquiring new knowledge.

Learner outcomes

Recognize the proper use of singular and plural in different situations of language use;

Train attention and care with writing;

Identify and correct spelling issues involving words written in the plural;

Participate in games following rules;

Develop reading and writing skills;

Develop oral language;

Use spelling correctly when writing words;

Improve reading and writing;

Memorize the conventional writing of words;

Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;

Teachers' goals

Provide, in a playful and creative way, the understanding of the notions of number (plural) of words;

Expand the class's repertoire of letters and words;

Offer a playful and pleasurable proposal that allows the student to associate letters with their spelling;

Offer the game as a didactic resource to fix the content worked in the classroom;

To favor the understanding of the construction process of words through the letters;

Fix content worked in the classroom;

Suggestions of approaches for the teacher

(Suggestion 1) The game can be proposed individually or in pairs. Children should be encouraged to read the word that appears just above the drawing. If you prefer, activate the 'caps lock' key on the keyboard so that children use capital letters when writing plural words. In pairs, children should take turns typing the words. Sometimes one member, sometimes the other, but both should read and exchange ideas about the correct form of the plural.

(Suggestion 2) Decorate shoe boxes and instruct students to place different objects inside the box. When removing each object from the box, ask him to write the singular and plural of the word in the notebook. Example: Car = cars. Purse = Purses. Card. Cards.

(Suggestion 3) Memory game.

(Suggestion 4) Hangman game.

(Suggestion 5) Word game: write dozens of words on the board, all scrambled. Ask students to make two boxes in their notebooks. On one side they should write the plural words and on the other side the singular words.

(Suggestion 6) Use crosswords.

(Suggestion 7) Use word searches, where the student should color only the words in singular or plural.

(Suggestion 8) Work with texts, identifying words in the plural (emphasis or circular).

More about the content

To complement this study, it is important to emphasize that the plural varies according to the word. Many children, at first, believe that writing in the plural is just adding the S at the end of words.