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Find 5 Differences

Find 5 Differences

Hello little friend! Are you good at noticing details?

In this game you must compare the 2 images and find 5 errors. Try to complete all the figures to become the observation champion.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Teaching level: Kindergarten

Age: 05 to 08 years

This is yet another game developed by BEST SCHOOL GAMES that integrates several areas of exact sciences, promoting the ability to concentrate, memorize and motor coordination. The 7 mistakes games applied in the classroom help to develop the student's reasoning ability. The attention and care required with these activities contribute to a better assessment by the teacher of the student's performance in solving practical observation problems.

Pedagogical goals

  • Identify similarities and differences through visual analysis (size, shape, color) between animals;
  • Make associations;
  • Develop attention and logical thinking;
  • Stimulate perception;
  • Develop motor coordination;
  • Favor the development of memory performance;
  • Develop different thinking skills such as: observe, compare, analyze and synthesize;
  • Exercise memory and concentration in the process of identifying and comparing images;
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