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Mummy Candies

Mummy Candies

Hello kids! What a spooky and gloomy scene! In this super fun game, theres a mummy who loves candy and Halloween. She is very smart, when you click on her hand, she launches cobwebs to catch the candies. This is amazing! The more candies she gets, the more points she will score. You have to help her in this mission full of goodies. Hummmmmmm!!!!!! Sweets are delicious.

Do you know the Halloween or Halloween party? Children love to dress up and go to peoples houses and ask for sweets: lollipops, paçoca, pumpkin candy, candies, chocolates, cakes, etc. Skeletons, ghosts, witches, bats, mummies, in short, are part of this traditional festival. Animated children always participate in this darn good party. This party is more experienced in the United States. However, in Brazil, it is also celebrated and the kids love it. This dynamic and somewhat ghostly game will take you to this festive, imaginary and very fun context. Go play now, kids! Good luck!