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Cool Board

Cool Board

We reserve a space for you to unleash your creativity.

With Lousa Legal you can draw, insert figures, play with geometric shapes, learn syllables and form words with the letters of the alphabet.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School - Early Childhood Education

Age: 04 to 07 years old

Offering children varied resources is a way to stimulate their cognitive and expressive development. COOL BOARD brings several resources for the child to draw, color and create, in addition to working with reading and writing concepts! Now each of your students can have their own digital whiteboard!

Pedagogical goals

  • Know the letters of the alphabet;
  • Differentiate the letters of the alphabet;
  • Knowing the alphabetical order of writing the alphabet;
  • Know the geometric shapes;
  • Improve visual discrimination ability;
  • Establish relationships between objects with a flat geometric figure, observing their characteristics;
  • Reinforce classroom content;
  • Develop creativity;
  • Develop the capacity for expression through drawing;
  • Develop reading and writing skills;
  • Memorize the conventional writing of the worked words and associate them with the writing of other words;
  • Develop motor skills;
  • Develop logical reasoning;
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