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Animal Groups

Animal Groups

Mr. Frog is back!

It will test your knowledge about the animals groups. Prepare to answer questions about: invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, arachnids, insects, crustaceans and amphibians.

After getting 5 questions right, go to the pond to help the teacher feed.

Teacher's support

Teacher’s tips

Level of education: Elementary School

Age: 07 to 11 years old

Subject: Sciences

Students, in general, are very interested in animals and that is why this game becomes engaging, helping them to make an effort and dedicate themselves in all stages, mainly to find the correct answers and reach the pond to feed Prof. Sapão. Use this game to systematize students' knowledge about the classification of vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Between one group of questions and another, a game to encourage student participation!

Pedagogical goals

  • Know the characteristics of each group of vertebrate and invertebrate animals;
  • Understand the differences between vertebrate and invertebrate animals;
  • Name the classes of vertebrate animals;
  • Name the classes of invertebrate animals;
  • Differentiate classes of vertebrates;
  • Differentiate classes of invertebrates;
  • Fix knowledge acquired in the classroom;
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