Depoimento Pai / Mãe Silvana Toledo Barbosa da Costa
I found these games very interesting and educational. The colors attract the children’s attention and the topics stimulate logical thinking.
Depoimento Professor Deisi
Congratulations on the site. Very good!!! I am an elementary school computer teacher and I loved the games. They are all very educational.
Depoimento Professor Cida
I am a teacher, and the material published on this site is extremely important to teaching and learning because reading occurs in different places and the features of Escola Games are fundamental in learning to read and write in the age of cyberculture. Teachers and pupils can build knowledge in a dynamic and pleasurable way. Congratulations.
Lázara Andrade Pereira de Andrade pereira
Very cool and creative. The children love it, plus they learn while they play!
Depoimento Professor Prof. Sônia
I loved these games. They are a very helpful in improving student literacy. Congratulations!
I found the site through a Google search. I loved it. My 6 year old son was hooked on it. Congratulations.


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